Forward Finance

Collin Pake, founder, and director of LifePNG Care started the foundation by turning his home into an orphanage for disadvantaged and vulnerable children.

This year alone, LifePNG Care will send 542 children to primary school, secondary school, college, and university. With the support of the private organisations, children at LifePNG Care can attend class. 

FinCorp is the largest consumer-based finance company in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The company offers personal and business loans. FinCorp has assisted charity organisations such as Haus Ruth and Cheshire Homes, as well as many other disaster areas in PNG. This is the first time the company has aided LifePNG Care.

FinCorp’s donation will assist the foundation with school fees and supplies. CEO, Brett Tayler commented, “LifePNG Care takes children off the streets, provides them with a home, comfortable life and most importantly – an education. The organisation will have a tremendous impact on their lives. We acknowledge the huge effort that goes on behind the scenes and want to support them with this incredibly important cause.”

LifePNG Care operates from the premise that Papua New Guinea's future depends on our children. FinCorp couldn’t agree more and is happy to provide more assistance to the foundation in the future.