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FinCorp's K10,000 donation to the Uni Piggies will help the club's management train, strategize and incentivize player participation in the Capital Rugby Union Competition.

“FinCorp is thrilled to show support to the Piggies team as part of our commitment to communities,” said Brett Tayler, CEO of FinCorp. “We live and work in these communities and know that the life-work balance should be encouraged. FinCorp believes that, if we help a community to thrive, then we all move forward.”

As an organization with 25 years of operation in PNG, FinCorp understands relationships and the impacts its financial services can have on communities. This is aligned to its vision statement to be the most trusted and innovative financial services provider growing within its chosen markets.

“With our brand recognition, FinCorp would like to foster trust and build our social capital as part of our investment strategy,” said Mr Tayler. “Sports is an integral part of a community’s health and well-being, and this is our way of giving back and supporting specific causes.”

Mr. Pochon Lili, Vice President of the Rugby club, expressed his club's gratitude and further added that the sponsorship will go towards benefiting the operations of the club this year.

The Uni Piggies club has been an active sporting club for over 57 years since its inception in 1965. Being the oldest club in the Rugby Union sports code, the club has providing talent to the National Rugby Union Team, Pukpuks over the years.

Uni Piggies is currently participating in the Capital Rugby Union Competition with Pre-season training starting in February this year.

Image: Uni Piggies Vice President, Mr Pochon Lili (second from left), being presented the official branded Training Shirts by FinCorp CEO, Mr Brett Tayler (third from left) while flanked by club Secretary Richard Leka (first on left) and players

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