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KOKOPO, EAST NEW BRITAIN – FinCorp proudly supported the groundbreaking East New Britain (ENB) 9’s Rugby Tournament, which featured six women's teams alongside ten men's teams from the New Guinea Islands (NGI) region.

This four-day event showcased exceptional rugby talent and promoted equal opportunities for the sport in the region.

As the main sponsor of the tournament, FinCorp demonstrated its commitment to fostering respect and supporting communities where their customers build their lives. Ms. Belinda Manning, Chief Transformation Officer of FinCorp, emphasized the organization's core values and stated, "We are proud to support the ENB 9s tournament, a community-led initiative that exemplifies equal opportunity and demonstrates our shared value of respect."

A total of sixteen teams representing the provinces of East New Britain, West New Britain, and New Ireland gathered at the Kalabond Stadium in Kokopo, embarking on an incredible journey by land, sea, and foot.

This tournament, initiated by the East New Britain Provincial Government, forms part of a broader vision to develop women, youth, families, and communities through sports and other social development programs.

Ms. Manning further commented, "At FinCorp, we believe in using sports as a powerful tool for community development, driving purpose, collaboration, and positive change. Supporting women's participation in sports aligns with our values and contributes to a more inclusive society."

Reviving a cherished format that has propelled remarkable rugby talents to national and international teams, the ENB 9s Tournament captivated spectators with exhilarating matches. From the men's and women's pools, three top teams and two standout women's teams were selected, showcasing the wealth of talent present in the NGI region.

Honorable Michael Marum, the Governor of East New Britain, lauded the tournament's significance, stating, "Involving sports and youth in our communities is vital for the development of our region's young people. Through strategic public-private partnerships like the collaboration between the ENB Provincial Government and FinCorp, we can create better opportunities for our youths not only in East New Britain but throughout the NGI region."

The tournament provided a platform for talent scouts from national teams, development partners, and the PNG Rugby Football League to evaluate players' skills.

David Mead, former PNG Kumuls Captain and NRL star, conducted several coaching workshops for the participating teams, further enhancing the players' development.

The ENB 9s Tournament stands as a testament to the power of sports in fostering community growth, gender equality, and youth empowerment. FinCorp is proud to have been an integral part of this historic event, driving positive change through its unwavering support for sports in the NGI region.

Image: Former PNG Kumuls captain and NRL star, David Mead teaching the female participants in workshop at the ENB 9s tackling techniques in the #FinCorp ENB 9s.