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FinCorp was a key co- sponsor of this year's Private Gavamani Konekt (PGK) 3 Forum hosted by the Business Council of PNG.

The Business Council of PNG annual Private Gavaman Konekt (PGK) Forum held on the 25th of October 2023 at the Hilton Hotel in Port Moresby, covered discussions focusing on smart digital government, emerging technology, digital infrastructure and digital services.

For two consecutive years, FinCorp has been proud to partner with the Business Council of PNG in hosting this year’s event, that aims to facilitate a platform for key stakeholders in both the government and private sectors to collaborate, partner and encourage conversations, ideas and innovation with regards to the advancement of technology and digitisation in Papua New Guinea.

This partnership is critical in many aspects as the market has recently seen an appetite for digital transformation projects post Covid 19 with a lot of local brands and adopting new technology to scale their businesses and operations.

As a brand in the process of an enterprise transformation focusing on its people, organisational culture, compliance and technology, we want to be able to share, learn and further understand how other brands in the market are progressing through their transformation journey, given the unique challenges we face in this country” said Brett Tayler, FinCorp Chief Executive Officer.

He further commented that this forum will allow small businesses, students, and local digital technology enthusiasts a first-hand opportunity to understand the benefits of adoption of technology and digitalisation of workspace based projects both in the private sector and government entities.

Ms Belinda Manning FinCorp's Chief Transformation Officer discussed the importance of Know Your Customer (KYC)

" The absences of KYC processes can create vulnerabilities and risks across a wide range of industries and sectors included financial services, technology, healthcare and more. Implementing robust KYC procedures is crucial for mitigating risks and maintaining integrity and security of various systems and services" said Ms Manning.

This year is the fourth Futures Forum event and featured discission on managing digital transformation, discovery, FinTech, Big Data and Digital Rights.