Forward Finance

Finance Corporation Limited (FinCorp) as part of their corporate social responsibility donates K10,000 worth of supplies consisting of food and tools to the Kukipi village representatives, who wholeheartedly accepted the donation during the presentation at Bert Brown Memorial Church on Thursday 7th October 2021. 

Kukipi Village, located on the East Coast of the Gulf Province was hit by a king tide that has had enormous impact on the lives of the people, affecting their food crops, hygiene, and shelter in late August to mid-September of this year.

Medlyn Charles, media representative for the people of Kukipi village, stated that “…all the rubbish the sea has brought into the village are still there, all the gardens have been destroyed and the water has been contaminated by the sea, so we do not have drinking and cooking water. Also, diseases are now being spread around the village, especially among our children” when emphasizing the degree of impact on her people.

She further expressed her gratitude to FinCorp for the donations that will aid in restoring a degree of normality for the people of Kukipi village.

FinCorp’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Brett Tayler, stated that he had become aware of the situation through a Rotary member and was later presented with a comprehensive report compiled by a local team member assisting the Kukipi villagers. My Tayler further stated that they are pleased to aid the people of Kukipi in recovering and rebuilding the village during this very challenging time.

FinCorp will remains committed to support our communities and are pleased to have aided in the restoration of Kukipi Village.