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Contact Us on our Finance Solution Centre details below and let them help you to grow your business or email us at fsc@ec2-3-26-197-81.ap-southeast-2.compute.amazonaws.com

Our goal is simple – to help your business thrive and prosper. Whether it’s borrowing to grow, cash flow assistance, purchase of plant and machinery, or any of your business needs. FinCorp’s professional team of credit officers are well experienced in the finance industry and take great privilege in facilitating all the financial needs for your business.

Term loans or Fully Drawn Advances designed for longer term lending up to 15 years. Product has a variable rate of interest but payments are a fixed monthly payment. The product is designed to assist in the purchase of Commercial Property, Plant and equipment with a longer life span than 5 years. Payments can be structured to suit individual requirements.

From K5,000 – K50,000. Fully secured loans available to approved purchasers Ideal for Holidays, Bride Price, Medical Expenses. Payments can be structured to suit the clients requirements.

This commercial product is available to FinCorp customers whom have Interest Bearing Deposits with FinCorp. Loan is secured by the IBD held. Maximum amount finance is 80% of the principle deposit held on IBD.

From K5,000. Fully secured by motor vehicle purchased from a Licensed Motor Car Dealer Maximum amount financed 70 % of the purchase price of the vehicle. Payments can be structured to suit individual clients requirements.

The above products are available to consumers from any walk of life providing they meet our lending guidelines. The applicants must have stable employment and stable residence histories, and be able to service (pay for) the new loan from non committed proven income.

Hire Purchase (HP) is a popular and convenient loan product for the purchase of commercial vehicles. The agreement is to service the loan over a pre-determined period of time on a fixed interest rate. The monthly instalment will include reduction of the principal and interest during the term of the HP.

The vehicle must have comprehensive insurance for the full term, with FinCorp noted as the interested party.

The vehicle is owned by the client with a Lien over the vehicle in favour of FinCorp. When the loan is fully settled the Lien will be discharged by FinCorp and the client has full ownership.

Most of our clients use HP loans to purchase commercial vehicles. Equity of 40% to 50% of the purchase price of the vehicle is required.

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