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EFFECTIVE FROM: Thursday 15th September, 2022

TERM K5,000 – K100,000 Over K100,000
30 Days 0.50 Rates on Application
60 Days 1.00
90 Days 1.50
182 Days 1.75
365 Days 1.85
  • Interest rates are subject to change without notice
  • Finance Corporation Limited reserves the right to accept or refuse any deposit
  • A K100 penalty fees apply to early withdrawal before maturity date
  • If we agree to an early withdrawal from a Term Deposit, we will apply a reduced interest rate to the amount that is withdrawn early. The reduced interest rate will be the Term Deposit Interest Rate less 2 percentage points and K100 fee applies.
  • Additional term deposits can be accepted while existing term deposits mature.
  • Only once original completed Term Deposit Application Forms have been accepted will FinCorp advise the client to deposit funds into a nominated bank account.
  • Refer to Term Deposit Application Form for additional terms and conditions.*

For more information, contact Term Deposits Section on
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