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Our Service Standards

  • We will treat our customers with respect and dignity. Our job is to help them.
  • We will action all requests from our customers as our main priority. If a process takes longer than 48 hours, we will communicate with our customer to ensure that they are informed of the status until completion.
  • We will answer the telephone within 5 rings. When redirecting telephone calls we will personally ensure that the customer is directed to the appropriate staff member. This includes fully alerting the recipient about the nature of the call.
  • We will own the customers at first point of contact. We will identify ourselves and provide contact details
  • We will strive to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy with justified customer complaints held to NIL.
  • We will adhere to policy and procedures to ensure risk are minimized.
  • We will continually look for ways to improve our processes, in order to make it easier for our customers and easier for us to provide the highest quality service.
  • We will ensure that adequate staff levels are available to answer customer enquiries (e.g lunch hours).
  • We will ensure our customers will include both internal and external clients with both tied to the highest standard.
  • We will always be positive. We will provide constructive criticism and input to our workplace activities.
  • Approved Loans are paid within 24 hours.