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This product is available to all permanent employees of Government Departments that have signed an agreement with FinCorp.

Customers can apply for K200 up to K20000 for whatever purpose they wish. Flexible repayment terms of 5 up to 52 fortnights are available for customers to choose to best suit their budget.

Customers also benefit from having their loans processed within 24 hours and funds dispatched directly to their bank account by electronic transfer.


  • Fast Processing time
  • Direct payment to bank account instantly
  • Ability to top-up for emergencies

There is also the option available to obtain top-up loans for emergencies.

  • No upfront fees
  • No upfront fees
  • Flexible loan amounts
  • Flexible repayment terms
Market Government Department employees
Eligibility Permanent Employees only
Minimum Loan Amount K200.00
Maximum Loan Amount K20,000.00
Minimum repayment term 5 fortnights
Maximum repayment term 52 fortnights

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From K5,000 – K50,000. Fully secured loans available to approved purchasers Ideal for Holidays, Bride Price, Medical Expenses. Payments can be structured to suit the clients requirements.

For more information contact our call centre or text loan for call back on 72002100 or click here sales@ec2-3-26-197-81.ap-southeast-2.compute.amazonaws.com to send us a email.