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Management Development Scheme

The Management Development Scheme (MDS) is a skills development program provided by FinCorp. The main aim of the scheme is to provide the opportunity for high performing staff to reach management and possibly senior management.

The scheme covers approximately 100% of staff, who have shown the level of performance, experience and qualifications. Each participant on the scheme will have individual development plans completed to ensure his/ her skills and experience are broad based and that a higher understanding of FinCorp’s operations are obtained.

High performing supervisory staff accepted on to MDS receive 2-year plans, which now brings us to Morris Namono – Network Support Manager, Gimani Arua – HR Supervisor and Simon Anania – Manager Internal Audit who are all on the MDS and have recently been awarded Prestige Awards for being first in their courses at IBBM. Simon commenced his studies in 2010 whilst Gimani joined the program in 2012 and Morris in 2013. Not only did they get awarded the prestige award but the company also presented them with K100 each for outstanding performance.

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